Your reliable and professional sourcing partner

As a professional in the electronics industry you often need very specific components. These are not always easy to find. A-Source helps you to quickly acquire them. Thanks to our years of experience we know the suppliers and producers market.

We work with reliable partners, also abroad. These are a few of the brands we can supply: Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Maxim and Vishay. New procurement channels are screened through the Electronics Resellers Association International (ERAI).

Do business safely without risks
After a long search you have finally found the desired component abroad. You make a payment in advance, the shipment comes in and guess what? The component does not work or is of poor quality.
Doing business with unknown foreign parties is risky. Therefore more and more companies leave the purchasing process to A-Source. This is safe and  saves time, energy and costs.

Worthy of your trust
We guarantee the quality of the components we deliver. We will give you a full warrenty.

Team of professionals
A-Source was founded in 1994. The founders have worked in the electronics industry for years. In the course of time we have expanded our team. All employees are professionals. They know what they’re talking about. They know the matter, speak your language and understand how important it is for you to use the right components. Based on quality awareness, professionalism and commitment, we offer you the best service.